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4 Simple Ways to Get Facebook Contest Votes

Getting individuals to vote on Facebook for you is a great way to boost your probabilities of winning voting contest. Here are the 4 best ways to get contest votes, plus some tips to avoid disqualification when you request for votes.

  1. Make Use of Facebook Wall

Post the link to your contest’s entry on your own Facebook wall, and request all your friends and family members to help you out. If all your Facebook friends and contacts aren’t interested in the sweepstakes, you can make use of FB friends list to post your vote’s requests to the friends that you want to request votes for you only.

  1. Request Votes on Contest’s Sweepstakes Forum

Sweepstakes Forum has section devoted only to exchanging of votes. Post your votes request there, and ensure that return the help by voting for people who voted at that time for you. Ensure to read out the Votes Request Rules prior to getting started, to make sure that your posts won’t get removed.

  1. Make use of Facebook Votes Exchange Groups

Numerous Facebook groups have been created already to let people to request for votes for contest entries. Lots of times, you’ll be anticipated to return the votes by helping the contest entry of the people that voted for you. Make use of Facebook search and Google search to locate existing groups.

  1. Create Voting Group on Facebook

Creating group on Facebook actually is easy and free. You can set a Facebook group just for one particular contest, or collect your sweepstakes friends to form mutual support group to get FB votes.