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Why Should You Go For Directory Submission?

Blog directories are frequently overlooked and are considered to be spammy; however, if done carefully these are excellent untapped source of dofollow backlinks along with exposure for your blogs. Local directory submission is a procedure of listing your website to various databases or directories under the right category/sub category. Ensure to submit the website under the most apt category to take full benefit of local business directory submission.

Use of Directory Submissions

Blog directories can make your blog noticeable beyond the realm of your blogging circle. Below are a few benefits of joining directory listing service that makes the procedure lucrative.

Get safe and quality backlinks

Most of the blog directories are supervised manually for any wrong submission. Hence, these websites are completely spam free and they are a possible source of creating SEO friendly backlinks. A few blog directories also offer dofollow backlinks.

Getting great exposure         

Let us face it. Your audiences are the real key to your own blog’s existence. Moreover, you’ve your set of audiences from a specific demographic region. What about crossing the limits and getting noticed by a larger audience.

These directories display your web site for each related search query in their database. This means more possibilities of getting seen by audiences who would have no idea about your blog.

Chances of getting paid post opportunities or review requests

A few web directories are very active and as these directories are famous and generally have quality blog submission, they are the best places for the businesses to search for paid review posting.

Since you’re a member of such directories, your site is noticeable to these brands. So, the chances are quite higher that you get opportunities from them as banner advertisements or sponsored reviews on your blog.

Increase in overall earnings of your blog

Considering the facts above, we can state that local site submit to directories can assist you in getting more review requests. In addition, they increase possibilities of the blog getting discovered. Thus you’ve an enlarged audience base and hence, increase in earnings.

Certain tips for playing safe:

  • Don’t submit your website to wrong category in the lieu of lucrative listing and earning opportunities.
  • Don’t spam a directory.
  • Submit your website to the most perfect sub category.
  • Don’t provide wrong blog stats or physical address.
  • Don’t prefer submitting to website that needs reciprocal link backs or banners onto your site.